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This is the korean test for anyone who wants to apply as a korean translator!
Don’t worry if it feels like it’s too hard for you, it’s made pretty hard on purpose to see how advanced your korean is so that we can give you appropriate projects. Just do your best^^


Translate all four pages and make sure to translate everything (example. bubbles, small text, sound effects, etc.)
email your test as a word document attachment(if you can) to contact@silentsky-scans.net when you’re done ^^

For the hanja, since some people got problem with it, you can choose to do some of those:

  • Write it out the way it sounds.
  • Search up the meanings on naver dictionary, and try to come up with something that sounds good.
  • Leave a note that you dont know ^0^


example format for translating:
[one line skip for character/bubble change, two line skips for panel change]
page 1
bubble 1: blah blah blah
bubble 2: blah blah
SFX: blah blah

or anything else that works~

Good luck~<3

Send an email to contact@silentsky-scans.net if you have any questions.

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