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Hi there~~
This is the Chinese  translator test. Some of this may seem a bit hard, but just do your best, it’s supposed to be like that. You may see some Japanese SFXs and such. You do not have to translate these.

Traditional Test:
Simplified Test: -TBA-

Translate all four pages and make sure to translate everything in Chinese (example. bubbles, small text, sound effects, ect.)
When your done, attach it to your email in a word document (if you can) and send it to

Any questions should also be sent to the e-mail above.

example format for translating:
[one line skip for character/bubble change, two line skips for panel change]
page 1
bubble 1: blah blah blah
bubble 2: blah blah
SFX: blah blah

or anything else that works~

Good luck~~~~

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