Hia there! This is the Cleaners test for anyone looking to help us out! This test is supposed to be challenging, even to experienced cleaners, so just do your best!
So, lets get down to business~~

A Cleaner’s job is to take the manga raws and make them pretty, in short. Cleaners erase the Japanese text that can be erased easily (in bubbles, boxes, etc.), BUT leave any text that needs to be redrawn. Images should be straight and in grayscale. They make the black in the image black, and the white white. Both Photoshop and Gimp work, but Photoshop is defiantly the best.

Instructions/ Specifications
– Images should be re-sized to 1600px height.
– All cleans should be in Psd. format. Any that are not will not be judged.
– All Images (Yes, all) must have the raw underneath the clean. This is really important.
– If you choose to work on the double spread (IMG_0014.jpg, IMG_0015.jpg) then you dont have to redraw the merg, but try to align it up together.
– You can choose how many pages you want to send in, but the minimum is 3.
– Images should have straight horizontal/vertical lines.
– Blacks should be black, Whites should be white.
– Every page should have 72 resolution. (If you dont know how watch my crappy video!)

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Do your best, and try to have a little fun while your at it^^

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