FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Projects do you do?

Silent Sky scanlates shounen and seinen works.

Can our group use Silent Sky´s translation to retranslate it to another language?

Sure, just include our original credit page for the chapter and it would be nice! :)

We would like to do a joint project. Are you interested?

Sure! We are always open for more friends and suggestions. Email us at contact@silentsky-scans.net and we’ll take it from there.

Are you accepting any suggestions for new projects to translate?

Yes. Suggestions are always welcome, but make sure they are shounen or seinen. You can register in our forum (if you haven’t done so already) and suggest it here http://forum.silentsky-scans.net/viewforum.php?f=37

Can I upload your releases on mangafox/mangatraders/etc?

You don’t have to. Their plague has already gotten to us. We are the infected.  However, we have our own HQ reader at http://reader.silentsky-scans.net/ or go to your favorite project’s page http://www.silentsky-scans.net/projects/ and click RO for reading online.

Where can I go to download your releases?

In our main site under project’s section or here: http://www.silentsky-scans.net/projects/ So just navigate to your favorite project and you’ll find all of our releases.

When is your next release for _____?

Honestly, we’re not sure either. We try to rotate our releases so everyone can get his/her fix  as fast as we can. Additionally, if we have more staffs then the releases will be faster, so join us! (Everyone is welcome even rookies and the inexperienced!)

I want to get to know your staff. What to do?

The lovely staff  hangs out in our IRC channel or our chatbox on the main website.

I want to help but I’m not very experienced. What should I do.

That is perfectly fine. No one knows everything at the start. We have trainers for cleaning, typesetting, and redrawing. For translators, we have a super PR team to support you. So come and join our staff!

If I have a question, where can I contact you guys?

You can contact us at contact@silentsky-scans.net You can also check our contact’s page for more options at http://www.silentsky-scans.net/contact-us/

You haven’t release x and y series for a week now. Did you drop it?

No we probably didn’t.

Good work takes time, so help us out if you want faster releases. ;3

If I join, will I get paid?

Thankfully, this is a scanlation group that works on the merits of volunteers who enjoy scanlating and sharing, so no. We don’t slave you for money. You don’t have to pay us and we don’t pay you either. No worry~







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