Japanese Translator




This is the japanese test for anyone who wants to apply as a japanese translator!
Don’t worry if it feels like it’s too hard for you, we have specifically chosen pages with harder language in order to test your understanding of the language and your ability to translate it into english.

There are no SFX on these pages but you will need to translate the japanese sfx into english sfx. For example: Gon (ゴン) translates into “Bam” in english.


Translate all three pages and make sure to translate everything (example. bubbles, small text, sound effects, etc.)
email your test as a word document attachment(if you can) to  contact@silentsky-scans.net when you’re done ^^

example format for translating:
[one line skip for character/bubble change, two line skips for panel change]
page 1
bubble 1: blah blah blah
bubble 2: blah blah
SFX: blah blah

or anything else that works for you~ ^^

Good luck~<3

Send an email if you have any questions~~

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