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Yoshimatsu Hotaka is the president of the manga club and is always diligent with his studies and club responsibilities, even though he has a habit of skipping class activities. Although he looks like a regular honor student in reality he is overwhelmed by melancholy and haunted by his past misfortunes. Meanwhile, he makes sure to admire and watch Awaya Nika, the beautiful, bright, radiant, super cheerful swimming club's female ace.

He's content to continue his high-school days like this until the P.E. teacher makes him take a private swimming lesson to make up for all the other lessons he had missed; a development that would forever change the dynamic between him and Awaya. What's the cause of Hotaka's bitterness? What does he want to hide? How does Awaya Nika have more in common with him than he could ever imagine?

Download link for all the chapters: https://mega.co.nz/#F!X0QzjJxa!dQt44nhteFt1xad4EjIqsg

Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shounen

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3 Volumes (Ongoing)

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2014.10.12     Chapter 18 - I Am Beautiful (Part 2)  MF  MU  RO
2015.03.05     Chapter 19 - Hey, Brother  MF  MU  RO
2015.03.23     Chapter 20 - My Little Girl (First Half)  MF  MU  RO
2015.04.05     Chapter 21 - My Little Girl (Second Half)  MF  MU  RO
2015.05.11     Chapter 22 - Evergreen (First Half)  MF  MU  RO
2015.05.11     Chapter 23 - Evergreen (Second Half) [End]  MF  MU  RO

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