Hey! We’re always looking for new people to help us out~~!! No experience is necessary.  We can even help teach you how to edit if you’d like :D The descriptions of each job is listed below along with their level of need (Highmedium, lowor closed).


As a translator, your job will be understanding the foreign text and putting it into English. Neither language has to be perfect as long as you have a decent understanding of it. The proofreaders can do the rest. The main languages we need translators for are:

Japanese [High]
Korean [High]
Chinese [Low]


Proofreaders are responsible for checking and fixing translations. They need to be fluent in English and to be able to fix ANY mistakes in the translation. These may include correcting spelling, punctuating, capitalizing, and rephrasing any sentences that sound odd or too stiff. Sometimes clarifying questions with the translator are necessary, so you shouldn’t be afraid to send them a question, or ask about a missing translation. Proofreaders should always make corrections in a different color other than black. Also, while most proofreading is done without the source material, it may help out for understanding the context~

Proofreader [Closed]



Editors are responsible for one or more of the following jobs: Cleaner, Redrawer, and Typesetter. You can apply for one or more editor jobs.


Cleaners take the raw pages and basically make them look good. Photoshop IS a strict requirement for this job, though Gimp is sometimes okay if you check with us first. There should always be a raw page underneath the clean to help the typesetter. The raw should be straight up and down as well as side to side with all the bad parts cropped out. Whites should be white, and blacks should be black~ There’s a bit more to it, but those are the basics. We can train you for this job~~^^

Cleaner [Medium]


Redrawers take text outside of bubbles (usually sound effects) and redraw the surrounding picture so that the foreign text is deleted. This job requires Photoshop and a bit of creativity. Nothing is wrong when redrawing, but the goal is to make it look as if it belongs there. Basically, you have to make it look like the foreign text was never there to begin with. This job’s also trainable~~

Redrawer [High]


Typesetters take the proofread text and place it on the cleaned pages. Photoshop is needed for this job~~ You should be able to switch fonts, colors, sizes, and styles for the text when appropriate. You’ll need to be able to talk with the translators in the event of finding a missing translation. We can train you for this job~~

Typesetter [High]

You can apply for any of these jobs HERE

Any questions, feel free to comment or send us an email^^

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