Hey there everyone! This is the redrawers test for anyone who wants to apply~

If you don’t know, a redrawers job is to redraw any parts of the manga in which the Japanese/Korean/ect. text goes overs the pictures, and drawing double pages together. so redrawers redraw everything, includes SFXs, thoughts that overlap pictures, and all double pages.

Redraw everything you can. If you can’t get something right, you can either try to redraw it or leave it be. This test is just to see how well you know how to redraw, and some pages may seem really hard or really easy, so just do what you can and we’ll see how you do ^^


~ Make a separate layer for redraws. If there’s a clean layer you should not redraw on it, but rather make a “redraw” layer. If there isn’t a clean layer, then duplicate the background/raw layer and work on the duplicate.

~Make sure everything’s completely redrawn when you redraw any part of this. Lines should connect, patterns should match, colors too. Redraws should fit in as much as possible.

~All pages should be in Psd format. No exceptions~

~The double page must be redrawn so it does not seem obvious where the 2 pages meet.

~All Japanese/Korean/ect. text should be redrawn. This includes SFXs.

When you’re done:

Send your test to:

We’ll reply as soon as we can^^

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Turorials: … ns-(Part-1)

Good luck~~ :D

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