As a typesetter, your job is to place all the translated text on the edited pages. You must use photoshop and any needed fonts. An archiving program is required (i.e. winrar). Gimp is not allowed. If any translations are missing, you must inform the translator, and have them correct it. Likewise, if you find that you’re missing any cleaned pages, be sure to inform the cleaner so they can send them to you.

Please follow these guidelines as best as you can:
-All bubble/box/ect. text should be INSIDE
-Text should be on “Smooth”(Rather than Crisp, Sharp, Ect.)
-SFXs should resemble the orriginal as much as possible (Position, Size, Ect.)
-Fonts should change depending on where the text is put (i.e. Bubble: Wild words, Box: CC Astrocity)
-Text must be above ALL layers. Everything.
-Please put every text layer inside a folder.

For page 5, you DO NOT have to redraw the SFXs. The point is to see how you deal with SFXs that are not redrawn.




And If you need some help:


When done:

save as psd files, then .rar/zip, and upload to mediafire or something similar and send to contact@silentsky-scans.net
Good luck!

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